Lession: How to Blow a Bubble Gum Bubble

Step by step instructions on how to blow a bubble with bubble gum.

  1. First put a piece of gum (we prefer a 1 inch gumball) in your mouth and chew the gum until it gets soft and moist.
  2. Next, bite your front teeth together, then use your tongue to flatten the gum against the back of your teeth.
  3. When the gum is flat, open your teeth slightly and force the gum through the opening using your tongue. Work the gum around this opening until you have a nice pocket to blow air into.
  4. Slowly blow air into the gum until a bubble is produced. Be careful not to blow too hard or your bubble could easily develop a hole. Your first bubble is bound to be small, but with practice you will soon be blowing bubbles small and large... not to mention loudly popping small bubbles in your mouth (annoying to parents, teachers and friends alike) and even smacking your gum out load.

If you want to blow a larger bubble, then more gum is required. We suggest that you chew 2 one inch gumballs to get the best results.

To be directed to the largest selection of bubble gumballs on earth, click the link or the image below.

Girl blowing a bubble

According to Wikipedia.org Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, California in 1996 holds the Guinness World Record Holder as the largest bubble blown at 23-inch. She broke the then-existing 17 inch record. For more information about bubble gum see Wikipedia's article on bubble gum.

Want to learn advanced bubble blowing skills? Check out this cool YouTube video of this girl blowing bubbles. She can blow multiple bubbles within a bubble gum bubble. We think she is quite talented.